How to Clean Polypropylene Rugs

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How to Clean Polypropylene Rugs
Polypropylene rugs could be a thin, flat carpet good for serious-traffic areas, as well as homes with pets or little kids. The carpet has very short fibers, permitting spills and accidents to be cleaned up with ease, as they are doing not penetrate deep into hard-to-reach areas of carpeting that may be a problem with longer carpet fibers. The thin texture prevents worn patches from developing on the carpet from significant foot traffic, creating this a well-liked possibility in several businesses and office areas still.

Polypropylene rugs are a flooring choice found in several homes. Typically decorated during a checkered pattern style, black-and-white colors create a straightforward, subtle look that fits into nearly any interior style. The artificial tweed fibers of the carpet are highly durable, straightforward to keep up, and immune to most stains. Cleaning the carpet is fairly simple, requiring a few straightforward cleaning tools that are possibly already available in the house.

Things You may Need
Vacuum,Laundry detergent,Water,Soft cleaning brush,Cleaning rag,Paper towels

  • Sweep the carpet with a vacuum cleaner a minimum of once per week, or as needed depending on the number of foot traffic that passes over the carpeting.

  • Mix a soapy solution comprised of three cups of heat water and 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent.

  • Dip a soft cleaning brush into the answer, then scrub gently over the stained areas of the rug. Scrub till the whole stain has been removed.

  • Vacuum the carpet frequently to collect the majority of dirt and buildup. Vacuum in long, sleek strokes to hold the feel of the rug.

  • Dip a cleaning rag in heat water, and wring out excess moisture.

  • Wipe over the area that had simply been cleaned, which will collect any remaining laundry detergent, plus any residue that has been pulled out of the carpeting.

  • Permit the carpet to air dry.

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